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Recycle Thermal Roll Papers



WHY USE Recycle Thermal Paper Rolls?

WHY USE Recycle Thermal Paper Rolls?

As a concerned corporate business organization, Tele-Paper is commited to finding ways to utilize only recycle and earth friendly materials in our products. Tele-Paper is a socially responsible organization, which ensures we are making profits, but not at the expense of the environment.

Tele-Paper's environmental friendly products are made from recycle pulp, which mean not cutting any trees to produce these products.

by using these product, our customer and Tele-Paper are helping to create a better living environment for our children and future generations.

Importance of caring for the environment - We can all help to save our planet and since most of us use paper everyday, let's start NOW by using recycled paper rolls. Let your customer know that your company comply to today's corporate responsibility of caring and saving our environment.

Additional information if you using recycle paper roll:-

2,750 recycle paper rolls (80mm x 80mm) = 1 metric tonne of paper

  • SAVES 17 Trees
  • REDUCTION of 27kg air pollution (CO2)
  • REDUCTION of 2.52m3 landfill
  • REDUCTION of 10,401 kilowatts of electricity